How to Avoid Problems While Choosing an Immigration Consultant!

When it comes to the industry of consulting and services, one word that an individual approaching a consultant must be aware of is “scam”. In the fast paced world of today, almost every individual is looking for shorter and easier routes to success. Immigration and fraud can be termed as two most important words that are actually implied for its meaning. When both these terms come together, a scam is born. Gone are the days when the conventional norms of fraudulent practices were being implemented. Now is the time for third generation practices through all means.

Immigration is one of the most important decisions made in an individual’s lifetime. It is but obvious that a lot of money is involved in it. Hiring a consultant involves more. This article is all for all those who intend to immigrate and in the process might fall prey to the frauds claiming to be consultants. Here are few common scams that are applied on the innocent people in search of better opportunities in life:

  • Always check your application thoroughly before filing it. See to it that your consultant has duly signed your application. If he does not use his name anywhere, it is time for you to get suspicious. If he refuses to use his name, it might turn out that he is not even licensed or registered to be a consultant also. Commonly known as “ghost consultants”, they are invisible at all times.
  • Any fake agent would make many claims regarding his reach with the immigration office in question. It is highly recommended that to do a background check regarding the same. He might be making false claims.
  • If your agent is a fraud, there are good chances that he might be posing as some licensed consultant without their knowledge. To avoid any such instances, it is suggested to contact these authorized consultants and check with them in person regarding the agent that you are in touch.
  • Bluffing itself is an art. Scammers are experienced professionals in this art. It is easy for the clients to fall for them and believe what they are saying. During this process, many false promises are made so that the money is paid by the client. After the money has been transferred, the real self comes out!
  • The fee charged by each consultant varies. Get to know about the general market price for consultant and the relevant services offered. It is possible that those charging more might not be very good at their job where as those charging less might give less time per case. To avoid any of the two instances, it is best to get in touch with the other clients of your agent or firm before actually paying the relevant fee. This way you would be saved from wasting your time and resources.
  • The newspaper advertisements are another major threat while immigrating. Many advertisements are posted that promise of a conformed job opportunity in a new country. Maximum of a form is asked to fill in such cases and certain amount is asked to pay as the fee for registration or send a certain amount. You might be walking into a big trap!
  • Some applicants are promised a work permit after they land in the new country. However, this never happens and these immigrants are termed as being illegal and are instantly deported.
  • Incase asked for signatures on blank forms, you are in for some forgery. Also, read all your contracts, terms and conditions thoroughly before signing on any documents regarding the same. If your agent turns out to be a scammer, your personal information might be used for his personal gain and needs. Incase, you have any doubts or suspicion, question your agent bang on.
  • If an agent claims that only having English language skills would be sufficient, check his credibility, he might just turn out to be a fake. There are many aspects involved while selecting applicants for immigrants.
  • Other forms of forgery include rumors, lotteries and application forms which are faked. To avoid this, an application form could be easily obtained from the visa office completely free of cost.

These were some of the most common forms of scams which keep hitting the news. However, it is up to the client to ensure that such things do not happen. For this, he has to be extremely vigilant because it is his life and money that are at stake here. Since, there is so much involved apart from money that it cannot land up in soup. So, always consult an authorized representative.

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